Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Portrait of a Tree

While this post takes a look at some incredibly stunning tree photography by artist Myoung Ho Lee (tree art posts are some of my favorites), it is personally devastating. Let me explain. For some time now, I have been cultivating a super-secret idea for a photography project that I'd like to undertake "some day" when I get the time and funding. Just last week, I disclosed my idea to Kevin and we were discussing the feasibility. After I listed off all my hang-ups and excuses, he said "apply for a grant! just go for it! do it!" And I was pleased that he liked my super-secret idea. But that's when it first occurred to me to do a Google search for "tree portraits."

Trees have personality! Character! They communicate. And they are immensely beautiful. And to attempt to capture their beauty and form by constructing an enormous backdrop and then photographing the solitary tree – as if in a studio, but still out in the middle of nature – well. There you have it. My secret creative project idea. Laid out to you before it's even been that...It HAS been done.

A quick internet search brought me to the Tree exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery, and there I saw these wonderful photos by Myoung Ho Lee that I wish I had taken. Here was my own idea, already executed - beautifully - by a South Korean gentleman just 4 years my senior. I was devastated. AND. To make matters just a little bit worse, I realized the show was last year, right here in New York. I could have gone.

I don't know. I guess I'm being overly dramatic. I'm just sad I'll never be able to see this project through and get credit for it. Or, maybe I'll do a similar project some day - but would it be seen as copyright infringement? Whatever. You heard it here first. I had the idea before I saw his work, though it will never seem original to the world. Oh well.

This has NOT kept me from truly appreciating the beauty of Mr. Lee's photography. I love it. Read more about it here.

Bravo, fine sir. Your trees are lovely.