Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hyperion, the tree

There is a new "Tallest Tree In The World." Three, in fact. Last September (2006) three giant Coast Redwoods were found to be taller than the previous record holder, Stratosphere Giant. Our new winners, Hyperion, Helios and Icarus, all put old Strat to shame. Hyperion, our beloved winner (and Tallest-Living-Thing-In-The-World) is 379.1 feet (115.55 m) tall. That's more than 72 of me stacked up on top of myself! It's also 75 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty and more than one third the height of the Eiffel Tower.

Don't you just love trees with names?

The photo above may or may not be Hyperion (probably not). The exact location of the tree is not being disclosed for fear of too many visitors who may disrupt the surrounding ecosystem, or try to climb old Hype. I don't blame them. I'd love to see these trees. We do know that they reside in a remote area of Redwood National Park in California.

Read more about it here
and here.
(That last link is a really cool website about Redwoods and has some amazing tree pictures.


MC Etcher said...

Hail Hyperion!

I say we elect him emperor.

Karen said...

Well...Hyperion is a Titan in Greek mythology. Maybe we should elect him (or her...who says the tree is male?) "Titan of Today."

blognut said...

72 Hibberts is a lot of Hibberts.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

The photos are very rare.

I'm not sure I've seen one for Hyperion ever - not a genuine one. Usually, Stratosphere Giant is substituted.

Images of the Lost Monarch, the largest, are almost as rare. And usually just small.

I put a page online with the option for some decent images of the largest Lost Monarch after I found and visited the grove several times:

Grove of Titans redwoods & photos

Those are real images, and with the album links on the page, there are bigger versions for viewing.

Anonymous said...

Cool!!!!!!!! I love the Hyperion!!!!! Were is it!!!!!!
I must know!!!!!

Well, if he was president (or Emperor) he would serve a TON better then Obama!

Anonymous said...

The location of Hyperion may not be revealed, but there sure are a lot of blogs that seem to be implying a location near Lost Man Creek. But even that area is so gigantic with wall to wall trees, it really is unrevealed. So many look alike. Wooden giants brushing the sky. No place like it on earth.