Saturday, September 22, 2007

Leaning Tree

Here's a leaning beauty. This one actually caused me gasp in wonder as I was driving along, and I don't think I captured it in the photograph. But it was just so interesting and crooked and wonderful. Why is it reaching? I don't know. Most trees on the side of the road stick to the side of the road. But not this guy. It KNOWS something. I just can't figure out WHAT.

I like trees that lean.


blognut said...

It's like it wants to experience the thrill of the road but can't. Because it's a tree.

Dave said...

Not to be too prosaic, but the most likely cause for the lean is the former presence of many neighbors, making the light above the road its only avenue for expansion. Now, it looks as if all the other trees have been removed, making me wonder if this tree might not feel something akin to survivor's guilt.

Karen said...

That's a bit tragic. I'm glad it has survived.