Saturday, May 3, 2008

to touch a tree

I am fascinated by texture and surface quality. I like to touch things that look interesting. I love to feel the paint brushes in an art store, touch the rocks in a science museum, handle all the beads in the make-your-own-jewelry stores. Tasseled lamps and fringe are unbelievably satisfying to me. The little rug samples in hardware and velvet in fabric stores...ceramic dishes, and the patterns painted on to them. Flowers with dense centers or fluffy dandelions. Shiny leaves and spongy moss. Do Not Touch signs irritate me. If something begs to be touched, why not? I even feel compelled to touch cacti in a botanical garden. Smooth, slippery, rough, patterned, sharp, hard, rubbery, cold, soft...I'm very tactile. So, it may come as no surprise that I like to touch trees. This tree has amazing surface texture, and I had to restrain myself from pulling it apart. Of course I would never want to damage the tree, but I bet it would be as satisfying as peeling off old wallpaper. And think how smooth and new underneath all that curly bark!


Donna said...

wonderful descriptive writing.

MC Etcher said...

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

To gently touch and respect any living thing is a priveledge. However I am only on this website to try and find out what the correct term for a "tree hugger" is. I am sure there is an "official" name for it but am having no luck so far. Grateful for any help. Dawn.