Monday, September 1, 2008

my new home, and the new neighborhood trees

I live in Brooklyn now. The trees aren't so plentiful as before, but they are still just as interesting and varied. There so many wonderful places to explore and I've just begun to get to know the city trees around me. The trees pictured above are my new local friends. I don't live in one of those charming brownstones, but all I need to do is walk out the door and turn a corner, and the side streets are filled with these charming views. Walking these new streets fills me with amazement. This is where I live now. Mostly, it's impossible not to notice each tree's surroundings here. You don't see any lonely trees or forests. But the trees have wonderful backdrops of ornate churches or interesting buildings. Some are oddly placed so that they poke through the sidewalks along a busy street of shops and cafes.

My impression is that most of the trees around here are just a little confused. They don't seem terribly unhappy...this isn't, after all, the most enticing place for a tree to live...but they just seem a little unsure of how they're supposed to be living here in this big city with very little grass and too many people. Some of them seem particularly awkward...but most are just trying to be graceful the best they can, living between a pile of garbage bags and a fire hydrant...growing out of their little open square in the sidewalk.

The more I think about it, the sadder it seems. But really, like I said...maybe they aren't all that unhappy. Like a baby animal born in a zoo. They don't know life any differently. It's sad and it's not. And the joy they bring others!

So. I still like them, and I'm sure glad they live here in the city with me.


hunnicutt said...

how bout some park slope (actual park) tree picks!? you been out there to visit much yet?

dancinglife said...

like that big fat old one we saw that was confused it wasn't in the country anymore... poor thing. and how about the one that got inadvertently chopped?

Matthew said...

A belated welcome to the hood. Have you noticed how the planetrees bend towards the street, searching for light? There are some wonderful blocks here where they arch into the center of the street, making botanical naves.

Nicole said...

hi how are you?
My name is Nicole and I am doing a project for class and its based on the environment/trees/green space. More specifically trees in manhattan. My project is based on the relationship between people and trees and your blog seems to be a great example between a person and the trees that exist in the city.
I have some questions but I'd like to know if you would be willing to answer some.
I guess to start off, why did you start a blog about trees in your neighborhood?
Thanks so much for your time!
my email is