Monday, October 13, 2008

Perfect weather. Perfect trees. Upstate New York in the fall is so idyllic. It won't be long before the cold gray weather rolls in and takes hold for 5 or 6 months...but these fleeting autumn days before the winter are scrumptious. My weekend home was a bit too soon for peak colors...but it was glorious, nonetheless. And always with these picturesque trees and this crisp weather comes cider, cheese, donuts, apples, grapes, and everything "harvest." I just can't get enough.


Anonymous said...

Much more color than we have here in TX.
Thank you.

João Soares said...

Hello Karen
Love your blog.You give another perspective from NY and surrounds.
A good example how trees can bring low gas emissions and peace in urban scapes. They are so "genorous" living creatures.
Your blog is in my "delicious" links named "floresta" (=forestry)
Abraços / hugs from Portugal