Monday, February 9, 2009

New Year of the Trees

I am not Jewish. I know almost nothing about most Jewish holidays. But in an effort to at least be aware of them, I've added the Jewish Holidays public calendar to my Google calendar which is how I discovered that today is the New Year of the Trees! I did very little research, but did learn that it is customary to eat fruit and nuts (which I will now do) and to plant trees. I've no place to plant a tree, but I will instead try to be particularly aware of trees today, on their new year. Happy New Year!


amarilla said...


I just came across your blog when I was googling "Oldest tree in Brooklyn," for a post on my blog, which is called Brooklynometry. Anyway, I'm really glad to have found trees, if you please, and to have read about Methusala. I'm obsessed with trees at the moment, I hope the obsession lasts.

You wouldn't happen to know what the oldest tree in BK is, would you?
If so, please let me know.

Karen said...

So glad you stopped by! I do not happen to know of the oldest tree in Brooklyn...but I do know that Prospect Park is the proud home of "the last remaining natural forest in Brooklyn," though those forest trees don't strike me as being good 'oldest-tree-in-Brooklyn' material. Actually...I was walking in Green-Wood cemetery the other day and some of the trees there are look positively ancient - like they've seen a whole lot of life and death. That might be a good place to look. If you find the oldest, let me know!