Monday, September 14, 2009

**YOUR TREES** [Jamie and Keith's crazy tree sighting]

It's delightful when I hear that friends, family, or even strangers think of me when they see a fantastic, weird, funny, or beautiful tree. Several of you have sent photos or at least stories my way and it truly makes my day. I need to be better about posting them. I plan to go back through my emails and put more of them on the blog.

This one made my awesome brother and sister-in-law think of me immediately. Because look at it!! So kooky and adorable and funny and straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Which is quite possibly my favorite kind. I don't remember where it was taken (and I certainly don't know the oblivious folks who have been immortalized in the background)...but here it is. A fabulous tree. Tall and twisty and skinny, complete with a goofy hair-do.

Thanks for sending!

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