Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paris, Je t'adore!

Oh! My dear friends. I've just returned from a vacation with my friend Emily to the oh-so-enchanting city of Paris! It really is as wonderful as in the movies and your dreams. Here is a look at how the Parisians do "les arbres."

These pretty smooth trees with the funny hanging fuzz balls are everywhere:

And I do believe I've correctly identified them as "London Plane" trees - a close relative - if not a hybrid – of the American Sycamore and the "Oriental Plane."

Next, Some beautiful October leaves at the Jardin du Luxembourg:

The best place for tree sightings, however, was at the immensely beautiful and breathtakingly extravagant Palace of Versailles. In the gardens there were rows of citrus trees, "Dr. Seuss-like" clipped (topiary) trees (which should be considered "tree art," I think), "square" trees, tall graceful trees, and many more. (I don't know why the French are so obsessed with geometric trees. It's dreadfully unnatural, but fascinating, nonetheless). All were living amidst sculptures and fountains. Glorious! I could spend a week there! Indulge:


Ann-Mathilde said...

I also love trees and nature. Hope to show a lot of pictures very soon from my place here in Norway. Love your pictures!!!!! :)

Amigos da Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho said...

We are in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
In 2005 we find that the work provided for in a leafy street in Porto Alegre, Gonçalo de Carvalho, would destroy part of the trees to widen the street and put asphalt on the street. Movement was created to fight against this with pamphlets "xerox", a blog and an e-mail. We were victorious and June 5, 2006 Street Gonçalo de Carvalho was declared Historic, Cultural, Ecological and Environmental city.
Our Green Tunnel consists of "Tipuana Tipu".
We need to defend the trees in the cities!

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