Thursday, May 17, 2007

On trees and grape leaves.

This curious creation can be seen in the Cornell Plantations Arboretum in Ithaca, NY. Home, sweet, home. Gorges. Just gorgeous. I like the stringy spaghetti-like things hanging from this tree, and the wide flat leaves that remind me of grape leaves...which, incidentally, are one of my favorite things to eat from the local Mediterranean deli (stuffed, that is). SOOOO good.
This is a personable tree, don't you think? It looks clumsy and a little confused or sad, but funny. Dr. Seuss would probably approve. Definitely.


Blue Pencil Editing said...

Dear Trees, If You Please,

One of my favorite "trees with personality" is the Weeping Willow. Maybe it's sad, as its name suggests, but I find it very soothing. If you please, will you post a picture of one?


trees, if you please said...

Dear BPE -
I, too, love the Weeping Willow, and have always enjoyed it's personality. Thanks for the suggestion. Look for a Weeping Willow in the coming weeks...


spa bath said...

This is my first time seeing a weeping willow tree.Why is it called as such? would you mind posting its etymology?