Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Egon Schiele

Today's featured artist is Egon Schiele, who lived from 1890 to 1918, and then died of the flu (I'm so glad I didn't live back then). He was young and Austrian. The themes of his work were often death and sex, and many of his paintings are twisted and erotic. He did many self-portraits and looking at his work, you might form an image of the quintessential "tortured artist."

Schiele was heavily influenced by his friend, Gustav Klimt - another wonderful, intriguing painter.

I am choosing, of course, to highlight his few minimalist paintings of trees - some of the best tree art I've seen. More of his work can be seen here.


gretchen said...


i fuckin love it!
who knew egon s. was into trees???!!!!
totally rockin.

maureen said...

karen, I wasn't familiar with most of Egon Schiele's tree imagery, so thanks for sharing that. I love these paintings and sketches (well, I love his twisted erotic work too) and thanks for the link to his other work. Nicely done - this post.

Karen said...

Glad you both discovered something about Egon Schiele (as I did)! Gotta love trees and art.

jacqui said...

I love this post! My friend sent me a link to your blog... I've long been a fan of Egon Schiele. The first painting that I saw of his was autumn trees.. and I've loved his landscapes ever since. I only became acquainted with his portraits and erotic paintings afterwards:)

you should check out an album by Rachel's called "Music For Egon Schiele" - beautiful music.


Karen said...

Oooh, yes! I really like the Rachel's! And I've heard the album - it's beautiful (I'm listening right now).

Made Like a Tree said...


szondra said...

i was google-ing for schiele and i accidentally got here. i've never seen his tree paintings, and they are absolutely wonderful, so thanks for this blog entry :)

Stephanie Clayton said...

i've just been introduced to the work of egon schiele by a fellow artist friend.
the last one here is particularly appealing to me...something about the starkness of black/white and lonely feel. really lovely images, all of them.