Saturday, August 25, 2007

**YOUR TREES** [South Africa]

Many thanks to Millicent for sending me these two gorgeous tree photographs, taken on a ranch near Nylstroom, South Africa.

Do you have a great tree photo that you'd like me to post? Please feel free to send it to me at treesifyouplease {at} gmail {dot} com.

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SPardo said...


I have a picture of a tree that I'm trying to identify that I've been referring to as a Truffula Tree because of it's whispy purple and pink flowers. How can I send it to you?

I see you live in BK, I'm in Williamsburg and the tree I'm speaking of is scattered around this boro in bizarre places. For example, the pic that I took was on corner of Lorimer and Bayard in the corner of the new skate park at McCarren pool. The only other I know of in this neighborhood is at Meeker and North Henry. I've seen it in other neighborhoods in BK as well, I just can't remember where now....