Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Living on a tree

In case you don't know, you absolutely must: You can live in a palm tree. Or, rather, on one. We humans have actually shaped the land (played God, if you will) and created Palm tree islands in Dubai, sticking out into the Persian Gulf.

OK, so you can only live here if you have millions of dollars.

These are (or will be) the three largest man-made islands in the world. (one is still barely begun, but when finished, it will put the other two to shame). Currently, The Palm Jumeirah is considered the Eighth man-made wonder of the world. "Helping solve Dubai’s beach shortage, the island has doubled Dubai’s existing coastline and will also double the number of beachfront hotels in the city."
Ironically, I don't imagine there are too many trees growing on these homemade tree islands. Can anyone verify this? Has anyone been there? Does anyone have anything good to say about these extravagant, opulent, arboreal (FAKE!!) islands?


Kevin said...

worst tree ever (them not you).

Anonymous said...

This is outlandish.

Anonymous said...

You know my life goal is to hang out with the oil sheiks of Dubai. Work for some world-destroying company like Shell that will pay me lots of money to come up with scientific evidence to back up their agenda. As a scientist, I am for sale, because I want to go to the "continents of the world" island group when it's finished.
:) -Jenny

blognut said...

horrifying. and let's hope they don't produce coconuts and start reproducing.

Chris said...

I absolutely love those islands.

I can't help but think about the future, when people might look back on those islands as something akin to the great pyramids of Egypt.

sally moon said...

There are easier ways to live on a tree