Sunday, February 17, 2008

Grow this!

Imagine my complete and utter delight to come upon this little treasure in a local independent toy store. A Magic Tree! Crystals! Watch it grow! In a few hours! There was absolutely no way I could pass it up, and so I decided to document the process of growing my first Magic Tree. What could be easier? You mix the crystal powder with a tiny bit of water...pour it into a dish...and in a few hours you have a magic tree. And it looks rather like a Dr. Seuss Tree, don't you think?

Magic! You actually CAN watch the crystals grow, which is completely awesome.
Important things to note: (taken from the back of the package)
2) Adults and children of all ages will be delighted to receive this small treasure.
3) Miniature saucer not included.
4) Mailable.
5) It will even grow in a refrigerator.

By now you are undoubtedly wondering "where can I get myself one of these magical wonders with the imperative on the package, demanding that I grow one?"
Look no further than magic garden, where you can also purchase a Magic Dinosaur or a completely real, not-at-all-artificial Peanut Tree. I have 2 on order, and look forward to also growing peanuts.


blognut said...

holy S! i haven't thought about magic crystal trees in years. i'm buying the peanut version tonight.

dancinglife said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

Rural Cemetery Movements said...

It truly was awesome. Now it's in the living room contained in a little glass bio-dome on top of the piano.

Next time you should grow it in the refrigerator.