Saturday, June 16, 2007

4 in a row

There's something very charming about these 4 trees, though the photo is not the greatest. My apologies for that. I would like to invite any of my readers with more tree knowledge than me (for I'm sure you're out there) to comment on any post in which I don't seem to know what I'm talking about. Do you know what type of tree I've shown? Do you have a fun fact about trees? Post!

For example, did you know that Oak trees can start producing acorns after 20 years, but some trees live to be 50 before their first acorn production?

I have discovered that there are other tree lovers out there with their own tree blogs. I intend to keep discovering them and sharing them here. Please check my links frequently for updates. For now, if you're dying to find more arboreal links, try Festival of the Trees.


freddie said...

well, I've never thought to post about trees, yet I think it's a great idea. I've only once mentioned my little oak bonsai, I sow the acorn five years ago and hope to live enough to see her first acorn production...I did not know I had to wait even 20 years...thanks for the news...
Anyhow, I do love trees, I would have a new one every day planted somewhere, and simply go there and see how it's doing. They are like the guardian of our world, the grow in silence and patience and can live more than anything else in our planet. They are like the guardians of our stories and histories. When I see old trees I'd really like to ask them about how much lives they'd seen under their brunches, and how many people they have protected by their strong trunks and so on and on... is that too much? Sorry, but I love trees.

trees, if you please said...

Thanks so much for your post! I'm so glad you love trees, too. How could anyone not? I love your description of trees as guardians of our stories and histories...trees live through so much and watch so many lives pass beneath them. Yet they stand, silent and graceful. Amazing. Have you ever read "The Giving Tree"? If not, you should. I'm going to post about it - it's a wonderful children's book.
I love bonsai, too! They'll be on my blog soon enough. Do you know how to prune it? I'm so fascinated by bonsai.