Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Whenever I see new little leaves I get quite excited. These could each become a great big branch someday. Seriously, it's as if I've just discovered how trees grow...just this year. Walking along a nature trail in early spring I was amazed to see new little sprouts growing from what looked like dead tree branches. In my head, I know this happens every year. That's what autumn is all about...the leaves change colors and fall off, and the trees are bare all winter. Then, the leaves grow back in the spring. It's all so simple, really. But for some reason I really took notice this year and it seemed amazing. All those dead-looking, bare winter trees everywhere...they all come back to life. Little buds and leaves grow right through the "dead" bark. They are determined to grow, and I love it. New little sprouts. They're alive! Trees are alive. How cool is that. I love looking at trees close-up – it offers a good change in perspective.

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