Thursday, June 21, 2007

City tree

As much as I love the thought of urban life, there is something sad to me about trees in the city. They don't have the fresh air that country trees get to breathe, and I assume they can't spread their roots as easily because of the buildings and streets and sewers and everything else below street level. They always seem a little lonely and resigned, and tired. The incessant city noise must be tiring if you are a tree.

Yet, as I am planning a move to Brooklyn next year, perhaps I should begin to view city trees differently or I will undoubtedly become terribly depressed.

Looking again at my little tree friend above, I believe I can see a determined strength in it's young branches. I imagine it finds great joy in reaching as high as it can to find the sun's rays that are frequently blocked by the tall buildings. I think I would probably actually be quite pleased to come upon this little tree again when I move to NY and perhaps it's not as sad as I once thought. I certainly hope not.

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